Four Down and A Lot More to Go

I have to be honest. It really hasn’t been four weeks. Well, it’s been four weeks, but I caved and had a cigarette last Thursday night. It was only one (I know…it doesn’t matter), and I had too much fun going to the Beatles Love at the Mirage. Good guess if you deduced that alcohol was involved. LOL Yes, it was.

It was the end of the night, dinner had been wonderful, and the “show was over.” I grabbed a cigarette off the bar while sitting next to my friend. What makes it worse is that I had only a vague memory the next day until Timmy called me “smoky”. 😦

The good news, however, is that it was only that one time and one cigarette. I’ve decided to blame the Beatles and move on. Well, it was five days ago, and I don’t want to start my quit date all over again. That would be being little too harsh on myself, I think.

So here I am. Four weeks. One month. I’m feeling pretty good about this, even with my stumble. I am still ready for this challenge, and I will win. I hope anyone out there who is struggling with addiction or quitting cigarettes or drinking or whatever it may be is hanging in there with me. Stay strong. Be positive. Keep smiling! We can do this! The war is not over yet. Until next time…

Be healthy. XOXOXO

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Eight Days a Week…

Yep. This is day eight. This is the first day that I’m not feeling so hot. I’m not craving smoking (or drinking), but I’m not feeling very well. At first I just thought it was because I forgot to take my Prilosec (which always make me feel horrible, especially in the middle of the night), then I thought my body is starting to deal with the lack of alcohol and nicotine (and whatever other zillion ingredients are in cigarettes), but I actually think I have the flu on top of all that.

I woke up in the middle of the night, accompanied by my sweet little mutt, Cobra, and I’ve been yuck ever since (nearing 12 hours). I have a fever and can’t get warm (and I’m always hot), so chances are it’s the flu. However, chances are strong it’s combination which is even worse.


According to the American Heart Association, it’s between two to three weeks when your lung capacity and performance and circulation will begin to improve. I think that will be the next milestone, so I’m hanging tight. In the meantime, I am trying to take more walks with my four legged kids and cleanse my body of toxins. I’ve switched from caffeinated drinks to caffeine free herbal tea, lots of lemon water, and more vegetables.

I know this will all pass, so I am not getting discouraged (well, just a little) that I don’t feel so hot today. I’m going to take a hot shower, make some tea (the chicken noodle soup for a late breakfast seemed to help), and sit in the sun in the backyard (as suggested by my dear friend Ms. Tere’) to get warm and soak up some Vitamin D.

The comfort of my furry friends cannot be underestimated during this time. My babies are always there to show me love. My human friends have been pretty awesome, too.

Until next time…

To better health! XOXOXO

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Rocky Road to Better Health

Well, I made it through a week’s vacation without smoking! Yay! However, I caved a few days later when I got home and actually BOUGHT A PACK OF CIGARETTES! Ugh!!! That stinks (really stinks).

I’m not sure what really happened, other than alcohol was definitely involved, and I gave in. I just can’t seem to effectively break the connection between smoking and drinking. I am so aggravated with myself!

So…my action plan is to go back to where I started. Even though in the whole scheme of things smoking a pack of cigarettes in two months isn’t that bad compared to what I was doing, I still feel like I’ve failed. I am fighting that feeling, and I am going keep at this regardless of how many times it take to quit.

I can do this. I do find it is better to not focus so much on it and just let the day happen. I have to be more aware when I am drinking, and if that means leaving a place if the craving is too strong, than so be it. I’ve got this. Here I go again. Wish me luck.

To better health!


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Gimme Three Steps…

Today is the three week anniversary of my quit date, and I’m feeling pretty darn good! I just came back from a check up with my doctor, and things are looking up. I’ve lost weight, my blood pressure is down, my bad cholesterol is down – my good cholesterol is up, oxygen level and pulse are good, my blood sugar is perfect, and my thyroid is in check. All great news. I even went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned last week.

As I said earlier, my biggest fear was that I would have a drink and go right back to the cigarettes. Well, I didn’t! I even sat next to my friend who was smoking. I had a few drinks (and it really hit me…hahaha…three weeks without drinking changed my tolerance a bit), but I didn’t even want a cigarette. In fact, I came home and was smelling the cigarette smoke in my hair and it was gross. Next time, I may go to a smoke free bar for a cocktail. (Born and Raised on S. Eastern would be a great place. They have great food, too.)

So my journey continues, and I continue to be smoke free. Woot! Woot! I got this. Thank you all for your continued support.

To better health. XOXOXO


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Holy, Holy, Holy…NOT

Let me be very clear. I am not “holy than thou” now as someone referred to me. I am just trying to take better care of myself and follow through with a decision that I made to make a change in my life to better my health (and save money). I am sharing my experience to help me cope and to maybe let someone who wants to quit any addiction know that they are not alone.

It is becoming obvious that this is more than just about someone trying to put me down. My dad used to tell me that “misery loves company”, and I will chalk that comment up to that.

I am not now nor have I ever thought that I am better than anyone else. We all have our struggles with our demons, and I am certainly no different. Every time someone says a negative thing, it fuels my fire to show them that I am focused, committed, and willful. I will do this. I may have other demons to tackle as well, but I will not smoke anymore.

With that said, today was a very good day spent with my kids at the movies (movie was eh, but the company was awesome). I am still dealing with a headache and a short temper, but I am confident that this too will pass (well, the short temper thing is hereditary, I think).

Keep being a quitter, those of you out there who are ready to be smoke free. I really believe the end result will be worth it. Time will tell.

To better health! XOXOXO

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Don’t Be a Quitter!

Several weeks ago, a post showed up on Facebook about a memory from January 2012. It was a Word Press blog that I had started about quitting smoking. I barely remember writing the blog, and it made me curious to see if it was still an active site. As it turns out, it was (and is).

So, I’m still new to blogging, but here I am again. I am revisiting this blog about quitting smoking. The memory that appeared on Facebook reminded me that I should refocus my energies very seriously and finally get serious about quitting smoking. Because of that, I put down my cigarettes this year again the day after Superbowl (although my Giants weren’t even in the game this year). This is the umpteenth time I am stopping smoking, and this time, I’m going to do it!

Here it is, Saturday, February 11, 2017, and I am still not smoking five days later. Yay for me! Full disclosure – I haven’t had a drink either since then, because I have realized my relationship between drinking and smoking. These vices go hand-in-hand for me, so I have to stop both to be successful. That is one of the places I went wrong last time.

Everyone has an opinion. Some tell me, “don’t try doing too much at once”, or “just cut back”, or “just stop smoking, and you can still have cocktails.” I listen to everyone’s comments, but the bottomline is that this is my journey. It is my story. It is my life, and ultimately it is my health at risk. I need to figure this out.

I hope you join me on my journey. Maybe you can share your own ideas about how you finally quit, or maybe you are trying to quit right now and this will help you.

To better health! XOXOXO

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Preparing for Battle

About 37 years ago, I smoked my first cigarette.  It was a Parliament cigarette my friend had stolen from her mother.  We went to the park and thought we were cool.  We continued to smoke occassionally, but never really “liked” it.  I mean, really.  Who likes it?  You choke when you first smoke, and it stinks!  Regardless, other than when I was pregnant or breastfeeding, I have been a smoker.  I think of all the time I missed doing other things because of smoking.  I wouldn’t let the kids around me when I was smoking, I had to take breaks to stop and go outside and smoke away from family/friends, and you certainly don’t exercise or play sports while you’re smoking!

I am just tired of it.  I’m tired of the expense, I’m tired of the way my chest is starting to feel heavy, and most of all I’m just tired of being a smoker.  I’m preparing for battle, and I am going to quit smoking!!

Quiting smoking, for those of you who smoke or have smoked, is not as easy as it sounds.  So many things in your life are linked to smoking.  It’s about changing everything thing you do in your daily life and definitely breaking other habits that involve smoking.  It is easier to smoke than it is to quit.  I am not looking forward to the grumpiness (I’m sure my husband isn’t either) that is usually associated with quiting smoking.  I’m not concerned about weight gain, because unlike a lot of people who quit smoking, I don’t find myself reaching for food instead of a cigarette.  I actually reach for a cigarette after eating food.  Either way, I consider myself a healthy eater, so I have plenty of healthy foods around that will not add another problem while solving my smoking problem.

The good news is that I know it can be done.  Many of my friends have quit smoking over the years.  Now it’s my time to step up to the plate for my health and the people who love me and want me around!  Follow me on my journey to a healthier life without cigarettes.  I am preparing for my journey mentally, and my physicall journey will begin this Monday.  Hey, why set myself up for failure and quit before my Giants win the Superbowl?!

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