Preparing for Battle

About 37 years ago, I smoked my first cigarette.  It was a Parliament cigarette my friend had stolen from her mother.  We went to the park and thought we were cool.  We continued to smoke occassionally, but never really “liked” it.  I mean, really.  Who likes it?  You choke when you first smoke, and it stinks!  Regardless, other than when I was pregnant or breastfeeding, I have been a smoker.  I think of all the time I missed doing other things because of smoking.  I wouldn’t let the kids around me when I was smoking, I had to take breaks to stop and go outside and smoke away from family/friends, and you certainly don’t exercise or play sports while you’re smoking!

I am just tired of it.  I’m tired of the expense, I’m tired of the way my chest is starting to feel heavy, and most of all I’m just tired of being a smoker.  I’m preparing for battle, and I am going to quit smoking!!

Quiting smoking, for those of you who smoke or have smoked, is not as easy as it sounds.  So many things in your life are linked to smoking.  It’s about changing everything thing you do in your daily life and definitely breaking other habits that involve smoking.  It is easier to smoke than it is to quit.  I am not looking forward to the grumpiness (I’m sure my husband isn’t either) that is usually associated with quiting smoking.  I’m not concerned about weight gain, because unlike a lot of people who quit smoking, I don’t find myself reaching for food instead of a cigarette.  I actually reach for a cigarette after eating food.  Either way, I consider myself a healthy eater, so I have plenty of healthy foods around that will not add another problem while solving my smoking problem.

The good news is that I know it can be done.  Many of my friends have quit smoking over the years.  Now it’s my time to step up to the plate for my health and the people who love me and want me around!  Follow me on my journey to a healthier life without cigarettes.  I am preparing for my journey mentally, and my physicall journey will begin this Monday.  Hey, why set myself up for failure and quit before my Giants win the Superbowl?!


About lasvegaslola

I'm just a girl from Brooklyn who loves to write, loves to cook, and loves my family (not necessarily in that order). I wrote my first play when I was 10, and created my first outline for a book when I was 11. I still have that! I hope to find the courage to share my stories and find fellowship through blogging. Write on!
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5 Responses to Preparing for Battle

  1. I’m cheering you on! I never smoked and am so glad I made that decision. I actually facilitated smoking cessation classes years ago before they had so many aids to quitting (nicotene gum, patches, etc.). So much of it was and is behavior modification. You have a head start because you have already identified your triggers to smoking and are mentally DONE with smoking! Hang in there ~ I know you can do this. and remember you come from a tough German background where you can do anything you set your mind to.

  2. ginasjoys says:

    Rooting for you in California. Stay strong.

  3. lasvegaslola says:

    Thank you Gina!!!! I will!!

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