Don’t Be a Quitter!

Several weeks ago, a post showed up on Facebook about a memory from January 2012. It was a Word Press blog that I had started about quitting smoking. I barely remember writing the blog, and it made me curious to see if it was still an active site. As it turns out, it was (and is).

So, I’m still new to blogging, but here I am again. I am revisiting this blog about quitting smoking. The memory that appeared on Facebook reminded me that I should refocus my energies very seriously and finally get serious about quitting smoking. Because of that, I put down my cigarettes this year again the day after Superbowl (although my Giants weren’t even in the game this year). This is the umpteenth time I am stopping smoking, and this time, I’m going to do it!

Here it is, Saturday, February 11, 2017, and I am still not smoking five days later. Yay for me! Full disclosure – I haven’t had a drink either since then, because I have realized my relationship between drinking and smoking. These vices go hand-in-hand for me, so I have to stop both to be successful. That is one of the places I went wrong last time.

Everyone has an opinion. Some tell me, “don’t try doing too much at once”, or “just cut back”, or “just stop smoking, and you can still have cocktails.” I listen to everyone’s comments, but the bottomline is that this is my journey. It is my story. It is my life, and ultimately it is my health at risk. I need to figure this out.

I hope you join me on my journey. Maybe you can share your own ideas about how you finally quit, or maybe you are trying to quit right now and this will help you.

To better health! XOXOXO


About lasvegaslola

I'm just a girl from Brooklyn who loves to write, loves to cook, and loves my family (not necessarily in that order). I wrote my first play when I was 10, and created my first outline for a book when I was 11. I still have that! I hope to find the courage to share my stories and find fellowship through blogging. Write on!
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