Holy, Holy, Holy…NOT

Let me be very clear. I am not “holy than thou” now as someone referred to me. I am just trying to take better care of myself and follow through with a decision that I made to make a change in my life to better my health (and save money). I am sharing my experience to help me cope and to maybe let someone who wants to quit any addiction know that they are not alone.

It is becoming obvious that this is more than just about someone trying to put me down. My dad used to tell me that “misery loves company”, and I will chalk that comment up to that.

I am not now nor have I ever thought that I am better than anyone else. We all have our struggles with our demons, and I am certainly no different. Every time someone says a negative thing, it fuels my fire to show them that I am focused, committed, and willful. I will do this. I may have other demons to tackle as well, but I will not smoke anymore.

With that said, today was a very good day spent with my kids at the movies (movie was eh, but the company was awesome). I am still dealing with a headache and a short temper, but I am confident that this too will pass (well, the short temper thing is hereditary, I think).

Keep being a quitter, those of you out there who are ready to be smoke free. I really believe the end result will be worth it. Time will tell.

To better health! XOXOXO


About lasvegaslola

I'm just a girl from Brooklyn who loves to write, loves to cook, and loves my family (not necessarily in that order). I wrote my first play when I was 10, and created my first outline for a book when I was 11. I still have that! I hope to find the courage to share my stories and find fellowship through blogging. Write on!
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