Gimme Three Steps…

Today is the three week anniversary of my quit date, and I’m feeling pretty darn good! I just came back from a check up with my doctor, and things are looking up. I’ve lost weight, my blood pressure is down, my bad cholesterol is down – my good cholesterol is up, oxygen level and pulse are good, my blood sugar is perfect, and my thyroid is in check. All great news. I even went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned last week.

As I said earlier, my biggest fear was that I would have a drink and go right back to the cigarettes. Well, I didn’t! I even sat next to my friend who was smoking. I had a few drinks (and it really hit me…hahaha…three weeks without drinking changed my tolerance a bit), but I didn’t even want a cigarette. In fact, I came home and was smelling the cigarette smoke in my hair and it was gross. Next time, I may go to a smoke free bar for a cocktail. (Born and Raised on S. Eastern would be a great place. They have great food, too.)

So my journey continues, and I continue to be smoke free. Woot! Woot! I got this. Thank you all for your continued support.

To better health. XOXOXO



About lasvegaslola

I'm just a girl from Brooklyn who loves to write, loves to cook, and loves my family (not necessarily in that order). I wrote my first play when I was 10, and created my first outline for a book when I was 11. I still have that! I hope to find the courage to share my stories and find fellowship through blogging. Write on!
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