Rocky Road to Better Health

Well, I made it through a week’s vacation without smoking! Yay! However, I caved a few days later when I got home and actually BOUGHT A PACK OF CIGARETTES! Ugh!!! That stinks (really stinks).

I’m not sure what really happened, other than alcohol was definitely involved, and I gave in. I just can’t seem to effectively break the connection between smoking and drinking. I am so aggravated with myself!

So…my action plan is to go back to where I started. Even though in the whole scheme of things smoking a pack of cigarettes in two months isn’t that bad compared to what I was doing, I still feel like I’ve failed. I am fighting that feeling, and I am going keep at this regardless of how many times it take to quit.

I can do this. I do find it is better to not focus so much on it and just let the day happen. I have to be more aware when I am drinking, and if that means leaving a place if the craving is too strong, than so be it. I’ve got this. Here I go again. Wish me luck.

To better health!



About lasvegaslola

I'm just a girl from Brooklyn who loves to write, loves to cook, and loves my family (not necessarily in that order). I wrote my first play when I was 10, and created my first outline for a book when I was 11. I still have that! I hope to find the courage to share my stories and find fellowship through blogging. Write on!
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